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What happens when the service period expires after the free service registration?
I deleted data in error. Can it be recovered?
Date in the Trash Can disappeared.
Is my data deleted when the service period expires?
What happens when the free trial service period expires?
When the free trial service expires, data in that account is automatically deleted.
If you want to continue to use the services, you need to subscribe and make a payment before it expires.
Once the switchover to paid service is finished, you can keep the user ID you used and use the paid services depending on the selected capacity and terms.

I deleted data in error. Can it be recovered?
Data deleted by the user cannot be recovered. Data loss caused by your mistake or others¡¯ due to ID sharing is not possible for recovery. Please remind this when you try to delete file(s)/folder(s).

Data in the Trash Can disappeared.
The data in Trash Can is automatically deleted every Tuesday and Friday at a PreventionManagement time.
In the Web, the deletion of files uploaded in Webhard only moves them to the Trash Can folder, and this does not mean the files are completely removed. On Tuesday and Friday periodically, they are deleted from the system permanently. Note that the files removed during this periodical deletion are never recovered.

Is my data deleted when the service period expires?
When you register free of charge, your data will be automatically removed when it expires.
If you subscribed for a service, the data stored in the Webhard will be automatically discarded from the system unless you renew payment within a month from the expiration date.

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