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How Can I install the Webhard desktop software program?
There is an error or the status bar stops when installing Webhard Desktop Software.
How to uee the auto PC backup function?
How can I install the Webhard desktop software program?
You can download the Webhard desktop software by clicking the <Download > menu on the Webhard main page.
Just double-click the file downloaded to execute the installation. Once the installation is completed, the login window automatically pops up. Enter the user ID and password to log in.

There is an error or the status bar stops when installing Webhard Desktop Software.
Do not execute the Webhard Desktop software installation while connecting to the networks.
Download the software completely to your PC and then install it again.
Before reinstall the program, delete any Webhard desktop software-related folder, which might be created from the prior installation.

How to use the auto PC backup function?
Auto PC backup performs to backup your PC data to Webhard system automatically.
1. Execute Webhard Desktop Software.
1) On the tray Webhard icon, right-click on the mouse and select the 'Backup Settings' option to open the      backup settings window.
2) You can select Backup Settings on the menu when executing Webhard Desktop Software.
2. The backup settings window pops up.
1) Click the 'Specify Folder' button, followed by selecting the folder/file to be automatically backed up.
You can select multiple folders/files by the use of the Ctrl key and mouse. If you select files or folders in the left window, and click the arrow button in the middle, then those will appear in the right window.
If you want to remove files or folders selected in the right window, select the wastebasket icon on the right upper corner. Note that the left icon deletes the files selected, and the right one does all the files.
The size of data to be backed up cannot exceed the capacity remaining in your Webhard account.
2) Select the folder(s) in Webhard to be backed up. If selected, a confirmation message pops up.
3. If you click Backup Now, the files/folders selected in Step 2 will be backed up.
    Refer to the figure for the backup results.
4. Select the backup periodicity.
    Note : The auto PC backup function runs only when Auto Backup Use is chosen. Once Auto Backup Use is     checked, auto backup runs monthly, weekly, or daily.
When the below backup options are checked:
'Backup only changed files': If you designate 10 files in a certain folder and perform auto backup for those periodically, then it backups only the files with the save data modified from the latest backup. It is called 'Incremental Backup'.
'Auto change of limited characters to '_' when uploading': In case where the name of a file or folder being uploaded contains any special characters and/or symbols, it prevents errors and changes them to '_' (under bar).
5. Backup is to be carried out as follows. And you can confirm the backup records by clicking Review Records.

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